Why Laughter is Truly The Best Medicine??????

Nov 8, 2010

When was the last time you held your stomach and laughed till you had tears in your eyes and your jaws hurt?

Can't remember?

Well, then it's time you included some laughter into your life.
Laughter has been an age old tradition right from the era of Greek and Romans.
It's essential to laugh since there is more to it rather than just happiness.
Remember the best things in life come for free - a good laugh may be short-lived, but the benefits are definitely long-lived.

So indulge in some hearty laughter on a daily basis....

•According to studies , a good laugh leads to an increase in blood flow as well as a rise in blood pressure. When you stop laughing, blood pressure gets back to normal. This effect helps bring down blood pressure.

•Laughter is indeed the best medicine as it helps you forget pain (at least temporarily!) and works as a natural painkiller that helps you get rid of your sorrow.

•An instant stress buster; it reduces stress hormone levels and is an extremely effective way of destressing . Go on, laugh a little!

•Bet you didn't know that laughter is a remedy for ageing. When facial muscles are squeezed into a smile, it leads to an increase in blood flow around the face making you appear younger.

•Since laughter reduces stress, it will help you sleep better. Watch a funny movie or a cartoon before you go to bed and see the difference!

•Laughter helps boost metabolism and increases the heart rate thereby burning extra calories.

•Laughter is a good remedy for patients suffering from asthma as it cleanses the lungs by getting rid of excess air.

•People with a good sense of humour are bound to be less depressed and stressed, which is due to the production of a natural anti depressant caused by a good laugh.

•Repeated laughter is a cleansing tool for the body as it energises the body with fresh oxygen.

•Laughter has an extremely positive psychological effect on the body, as it improves ones mental health and provides a boost in self confidence.

•Studies say that a laugh after a meal lessens sugar levels in the body causing a reduction in diabetes levels.

•Laughter is the secret to a good relationship as a good sense of humour is essential for a long healthy relationship.