Demonetization: A good cause turning into chaos

Nov 16, 2016

Frankly saying most people are not against demonetization. I was myself very happy with the announcement of demonetization but as soon as I heard about new 500 and 2,000 currency note not compatible with ATMs, I was so disappointed.
Here are few things I would like to point out that could have been avoided to make this movement a success.

Problems with Demonetization:
1. It is not demonetization but the lack of planning that is actually  creating chaos. New 500 and 2000 Currency is not compatible with ATMs and so need to be recalibrated. It seems to be like u say we have bought a new house but you cant enter it. Only way to enter is from the rooftop and the old one is useless now. 
2. Lack of currency at Banks and ATMs.
3. Why cant banks simply give tokens to all those standing by and make them relax, walk, talk, eat nearby or at home and come according to their turn. I am sure some banks have already this feature and some even have apps for the same but the public is not aware of the same and even bank is not interesting in creating awareness.
4. Several kiosks could have been stalled at crowded as well as remote areas with adequate security.
5. How can my parents deposit cash in my account while I am studying in Delhi and my parents live in Bihar.
6. What if a person with no bank accounts want to exchange 2,3 lakhs in 7 weeks where cash exchange is limited to 4500 per week.
7. Why not advertising or even making efforts to popularize or create awareness among people regardig UPI (Unified Payment Interface) which has greater potential then PAYTM and other wallets that are highly benefitting these days.

At this point of time after so much sacrifices it is also not wise to rollback the decision but the government, RBI and Banks must chalk out several measures to end or atleast reduce the chaos.
Even the local administrations and political parties should come together and help people.
Political Party Volunteers can easily do such things and they have done earlier too like in Odd-Even, Swach Bharat Abhiyan etc.

Forgive me for any mistakes or if I hurt anyone.

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