Facts of life which applies to the Salaried People!

May 19, 2011

Facts of life which applies to the Salaried People !

Facts of life which applies to the Salaried People

Bank Balance:

First Week : 10,000

Second Week : 1,000

Third Week : 100

Fourth week : 10


First Week : Auto ("I can afford it")

Second Week : Share Auto ("I would like to share. I am selfless!")

Third Week : Bus ("Public figures should travel by public transport")

Fourth week : Walk ("Good for health")

Girl friends

First Week : Eena, Meena, Tina ("I can BUY love")

Second Week : Meena, Tina ("I have enough girl friends")

Third Week : Tina ("I am loyal to her")

Fourth week : "Huh! There is no pure love on earth!"

Mobile Maintenance

First Week : Frequent outgoing calls ("This is what mobile is invented for")

Second Week : Restricted o! utgoing calls ("I should not create unnecessary traffic on mobile lines")

Third Week : Rare outgoing calls ("Mobile should be used in urgent situations only")

Fourth week : Only incoming calls ("I am not going to call her until she calls me")

And last....but not the least...

First Week : "Come, let's go to Goa and freak out!"

Second Week : "Man, there is nothing in Goa. Let's go to that restaurant"

Third Week : "The best place to booze on earth is our house itself. what say?"

Fourth week: "Drinking is injurious to health...!!!"
Happy weekend coming ahead.....!!!!

Enjoy life urself to the fullest of its kind- Its just the first week yet