Let's not talk about sex!

Jun 17, 2011

Vinay Pathak's lovemaking advice in 'Bheja Fry 2' scandalises censors
Thanks to the Censor Board, a sex scene in Bheja Fry 2, which director Sagar Bellary claims is the most funny, was chopped off. Apparently, the scene had Vinay Pathak aka Bharat Bhushan explaining a couple the best positions in lovemaking to have a child!

In a particular scene, Vinay tells a couple, engaged in lovemaking, that they are doing it all wrong. He then explains them the best positions for sambhog kriya (sex play).

Ballary admits that the how-to sequence had to be removed. "For Vinay's character, sex is only for procreation. So, when he sees a couple on the bed with the woman on top, he gently chides them, and reminds them that this position is not correct for garv-dharan (having a baby). The CB was scandalised and I was told that I can't show the hero telling the couple how to make love with details on garv dharan and other pillow talk."

"So, I've removed the sequence. Now, Vinay sees the couple, walks out, walks back in and says, 'at least lock the door before doing this'. All the humour has been lost, unfortunately!" the director further adds. Ballary, who became a father recently, says he will retain the shot in the DVD. "It's a hilarious scene and one that had all of us falling off our chairs."