Minor Gods

Jun 2, 2011

Minor Gods
Bia - Goddess of force

Cratos - God of strength

Deimos - God of fear and brother of Phobos

Eris - Goddess of discord

Geras - God of age

Harmonia - Goddess of harmony

Hebe - Goddess of youth

Hecate - Goddess of witchcraft and magic

Hestia - Goddess of the hearth, family, was one of the olympians until
she gave up her throne on fo Dionysus (still has a throne on olympus)

Hypnos - God of sleep

Janus - God of doors, gates and new beginnings

Phobos - God of phobias and brother of Deimos

Khione - Goddess of snow (father is one of the gods of the winds)

Leto - mother of Artemis and Apollo

Morpheus - God of dreams

Momus - God of blame

Moros - God of fate

Nemisis - Goddess of revenge

Nike - Goddess of victory

Persephone - Goddess of spring and flowers and wife of Hades, hence
queen of the underworld

Thanatos - God of death

the Erinyes - otherwise known as the furies

Tyche - Goddess of luck, destiny and fortune

Zelus - Goddess of dedication

the Moirae - Klotho, Lachesis and Atropos - They controlled life and destiny

the Muses - they represented the arts and sciences

the Oneiroi - Morpheus, Phobetor and Phantasos - they were the
personifications of dreams and sons of hypnos

Pan - God of the wild

Iris - Goddess of the rainbow