South Korean troops mistakenly shoot at passenger jet

Jun 18, 2011

South Korean troops have fired at a
passenger jet after mistaking it for a
North Korean aircraft, South Korean
media report.
Soldiers on Gyodong island, off South
Korea's west coast, fired 99 rifle rounds at
the Asiana flight, which was out of range
and landed undamaged.
The incident took place on Friday close to
the tense border between the Koreas.
The airliner, which had 119 people on
board, was descending at the time to
Seoul's Incheon International Airport.
The BBC's Lucy Williamson, in Seoul, says the
West Sea - which contains the disputed
maritime border between North and South
Korea - has been especially tense since two
attacks on South Korea last year.
Relations between the two nations have
been frosty ever since, with North Korea
recently vowing to break ties with the South
in retaliation for what it called
"psychological warfare" against it.