Facebook's New Timeline Will Tell Who Has Defriended You?

Sep 25, 2011

facebook new timeline
There comes a point in every Facebooker's life when they have to comb through their feed and unfriend the guy they met that one time on Spring Break or that girl they think they might have gone to high school with. But the ones doing the defriending aren't exactly sending out a press release to announce who didn't make the cut.

But now it's pretty simple to figure it out. BuzzFeed found that a quirk in Facebook's new timeline shows who has removed you from their friends list. Here's how you can see who has cut you: Enable the new timeline and select a year. Then go to the Friends box. From there, click on "made x new friends." When you scroll through the list, if you see an "add friend" box next to a person's name, you'll know that you're no longer friends with that person.

If you weren't the one doing the unfriending, there's only one conclusion: that person nfriended you. The awkward moment where you consider whether or not to pull a refriend will ikely follow.

Facebook held its f8 developers conference on Thursday where it unveiled the new Timeline layout for user pages.

The new Timelines replace the familiar concept of Wall and Profile; Facebook won't use those terms going forward. You can opt out of the new layout for now, but Facebook will eventually force you to switch to the new version simply because it will be unable to manage both. Facebook said on Thursday that the rollout of timelines will be very gradual.