Neurological tests on Azhar's son Ayaz confirm brain dysfunction

Sep 16, 2011

ayazuddin with azharuddin
The worst fears of the family members of Mohammed Ayazuddin were confirmed on Thursday when the  neurological assessments performed on him showed that the bike accident on Sunday had severely damaged his brain.

Doctors treating Ayaz for the last five days had been worried about his neurological condition and
had even said that it was a matter of grave concern. On Thursday, hospital sources said that since Ayaz had
suffered a cardiac arrest on his way to the hospital, a major portion of his brain had become dysfunctional
with no blood supply from the heart for a prolonged period.

Ayazuddin's neurological assessments were being taken up for the last few days in between the other treatments and surgeries he was undergoing, but on Thursday doctors carried out full-fledged neurological tests to asses the extent of brain damage. "The assessments were going on but we couldn't take them up properly since it would have required stopping the medication which cannot be done," said a source.

Ever since Sunday morning when the accident occurred, sources said that the foremost challenge the doctors faced was to revive the two boys. While former ricketer Mohammed Azharuddin's 16-year- old nephew Ajmal-ur-Rehman succumbed, his younger son Ayaz could be revived.

Ayaz was brought to the hospital in a collapsed state. The other challenges that followed were to stop the profuse bleeding from his lung and kidney that was successfully done by performing two surgeries for which, the left kidney was removed.

A health bulletin issued by the hospital authorities on Thursday stated that brain function tests conducted on Ayazuddin indicated brain dysfunction. His status remains to be critical and he continues to be on ventilator support. Doctors said they were worried that even if Ayazuddin could come out of this serious condition, his brain dysfunction could be a major deterrent in him leading a normal life.