Anti-Conversioon Bill - Should it be passed

Dec 21, 2014

There's a lot of uproar on conversion these days which is creating a lot of chaos. We have seen in Agra & Gujarat. Anti-conversion bill is being seen as an initiative to stop all this.
For me its like if I am studying Hindi then I won't be allowed to study English or any other language which is not at all welcoming. All the religions have their own teachings on way of life and religious practices which is being taught and practiced by them in their own community, religious places, religious gatherings and even there are places of learning for them.
Though we see these days teachings and practices vary a lot still teaching is propagated everywhere to be practiced.  So, if someone likes the teachings, or the way of life and practice of other religion why not he/she be allowed to practice that on his/her own will.
Yes, there must be some law or provisions against forced, bribed, lured conversion. But if anyone wants to follow or practice or learn some other religion and its teaching peacefully with his/her own will or by being fascinated with their practices then he/she must be allowed to do that and no one should have any right to torture them or force them to re-convert.
So from my own point of view Anti-Conversion Bill should not be passed.
There's no intention to hurt anyone or his/her feelings, forgive me if I hurt some-one un-intentionally.

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