Oct 3, 2010

Here's the doomsday for Delhi. Everything has halted from roads to markets to offices, schools, colleges everything.When u come out of your house it seems like you came in curfew hitted area or it feels like today is judgement day.
And truly today is judgement day for the Olympic committe of india, Delhi government and finally the mango people like us who are waiting more than eagerly not to see the games to start but over as soon as possible. You can see only one thing on the road and that is security or the volunteers. Volunteers are wandering here and there as they have been landed on any other planet.

Really all this is spoiling our sundays. Its dont feel good to go out today due to so much security. Everywhere you are stopped by security men and spoil your mood. Its better to sit at home, watch television and enjoy opening ceremony from your home only.