Oct 7, 2010

Take A Break..
   And flex those muscles while working.Fitness experts suggests a few simple exercises that can be done anytime in-between work.

  • Simple stretches while sitting on your chair are very essential as helpful as well. Like nech rotations, stretching your hands upwards, getting up and bemding to touch ypur toes and above all taking a stroll and coming back to your seat.

  • With the help of your chair, whenever you get up to go somewhere, you can do a simple squat or two and it will release your tense leg muscles.

  • Do some isometric exercises like holding your stomach or tightening your hip muscles for 5 to 10 counts. Slowly, you can increase the count.

  • Pranayan (breathing) is a great exercise as well. It helps in improving lung capacity, which gets affected while working in air-conditioned cabins.

  • Pressing your hands and cracking your knuckles once in a while can help as well. Rotating your wrists and stretching your fingers helps a lot too.

  • Since skin tends to dehydrate in air-conditioned rooms, drink loads of water and always use a moisturizer.

  • Eyes being the most important body part are always overworked, as people sit in in front of the computers for hours on end. Rotating your eyeballs in all directions at suitable intervals is the best exercise. Also, keeping them closed for a minute or two and splashing them with water at suitable intervals relaxes strained nerves.

Be clean while exercising
   Hygiene is a very vital factor for overall health and wellness and it applies to when you are exercising as well. The first aspect one needs to look into when it comes to being hygienic while exercising is that you have a set of separate work-out clothes or gym wear, which you do not wear anywhere else. Besides this, there are a few more pointers one needs to keep in mind before exercising:

  1. Always have a bath after you exercise as you need to get rid of the sweat, germs, etc., and it also helps open up your pores. If you can't have a bath immediately, make sure to wash your face before you leave the gym, but have bath before gong to bed for sure!

  2. Wash your exercise wear at least  once in two days, making sure to add an antiseptic to the detergent in your washing machine.

  3. Always  wear a fresh set of  clothes and socks while exercising. Do not store them in a locker as this can lead to fungus infections.

  4. Use a separate towel while exercising.

  5. Make sure the bottle you drink water from while exercising is washed every day using a special bottle brush and a special soap like Vim Drop, Pril, etc.

  6. Always use a deodorant or anti fungal powder before and after your work-out.

  7. When it comes to shoes, keep a special set of footwear for gym as other shoes will bring dirt and mud into the gym area where one might have to exercise on the floor as well.

  8. Get yourself a new set of exercise socks every two months. Discard the old ones.

  9. Make sure you brush your teeth, rinse your mouth or have mint before you workout as many exercises require one to exhale and inhale deeply.

  10. If you exercise at home, make sure you wash your exercise mat every 10 days and dry it in the sun to get rid of hidden germs.

  11. Make sure never to wear any kind of makeup except a lip balm to the gym.

  12. If you work-out regularly, always keep your finger and toe nails short and clean.

With a twist!
   Now that we have gone through regular exercises and ways to work out, let's look at some new age exrcises.

   To explain it in a layman terms, spinning is an indoor cycling workout that offers elements of athletic training to people of all fitness levels.
   If you are a beginner:

  • Start slowly, perhaps three times a week for 10 to 30 minutes, depending on your fitness level.

  • Listen to your body and adjust the speed of your cycling accordingly.
   If you are in the intermediate stage:

  • Three to five times a week is permissible.

  • Make sure you have a good instructor.

  • Never lock your knees while cycling as this can cause an injury.
   If you have reached the advanced stage:

  • You can spin up to seven days a week if you like, but five days is best.

  • Also ask for variation in your spinning routine to avoid boredom.

  • If you really feel the need to shake things up, and weather permitting, go for a bike ride outside. This is a great stress reliever and a chance to cash in on the sunshine and fresh air.
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Power Yoga
   Power yoga is a dynamic form of yoga based on the surya namaskar. Doctors recommend it highly for all yoga lovers. Start with basic yogic asanas and then graduate to power yoga.
health - physical strength and fitness   The two special positions in power yoga are 'Table Top' and 'Hip Hinge' (which can be learnt from an expert). Power yoga essentially helps your body achieve stability, balance, good posture, music tone and weight loss.
   Steps to be followed while learning power yoga:
    health - physical strength and fitness

  • Learn the sun salutation or surya namaskar.

  • Concentrate on torso stabilisation.

  • Practise to improve improve strength and flexibility.

  • Alternate asanas with strength training exercises and end with a stretch.