Perfect - A Poem by FARIA Namreen

Dec 19, 2010

You smiled at me and touched my heart.
I knew right then, we'd never be apart.
We walked and talked and realized we were the same.
I knew right then, someday I'd share your last name.
You're the closest to perfection I've ever known,
and I want to thank-you for the love you've shown.
I love you so much and always will
You fixed the hole in my life I needed to fill.
Anything and everything for you I'd do.
Oh, my love, how I need you!
Your loving embrace and gentle kiss
Fills my soul with erotic bliss.
Your compassionate heart and caring soul
Flourishes our love and helps it grow.
You are my lover, my confidant, and forever friend.
With all my heart, I choose you to the end.