Tendulkar turns 38, gets 1500 ft birthday gift

Apr 25, 2011

The God of cricket, Sachin Tendulkar, did not celebrate his 38th birthday in the wake of spiritual Guru Sathya Sai Baba's death, but that didn't stop his fans to rejoice the day.

1500ft gift

And one such fan was the Allahabadi artist, Rajkapoor Chitera, who celebrated his birthday in his own style, by making 1500 ft long painting on master-blaster.

"This is world's longest painting on the master-blaster and covers every aspect of his life. From childhood moments, including the ones spent at the field and with parents, to the golden victory at the World Cup 2011, I have tried to incorporate every thing," the artist says and adds, "This is my way of saluting this cricketing legend."

Apart from making this painting, Chitera even had plans to put this painting on display in a unique manner, but since Sachin did the celebrate the day, he dropped the idea. "Initially I thought I will make a human chain and display the entire painting, but since Sachin Sir has not celebrated his birthday this year due to Sai baba's death, I dropped that idea," Chitera shares and further adds, "But I am looking forward to gifting it to him personally some time soon."

This unique painting was on canvas and completed in record 39 hours. The work on the painting started on the 22nd of April at city's Chandra Shekhar Park. Rajkumar Chitera is a renowned artist and has also made many sand sculptors of various other personalities of the country earlier.