Why you should avoid reliance communication

Apr 13, 2011

I am really fed up with this company and its worst services. I used reliance CDMA mobile services, reliance gsm, reliance data card, reliance Big TV and all failed. I really don’t know why the hell people use reliance services. They just harass customers.

I jumped in the air joyfully when I heard that reliance lost the most customers since the new service of changing operators without changing the number started. But what to do with reliance CDMA? Where to throw it?

Why I hate Reliance Mobile?
  • Network goes up and down as someone goes up and down fighting for his life while drowning in the sea.
  • It will bombard you with loads of sms and calls even more than what America did in Iraq and Afghanistan, and drops every bomb twice or thrice or even more.
  • When you try to activate NDNC it will always suggest you other ways to activate NDNC and all will fail.
  • Reliance Customer Care Executives are always busy in assisting other customers, not you.
  • Their systems are always on upgradation never upgraded. When you ask executive “how can i activate NDNC”, reply will be “i am sir our system are on upgradation please call us later.”  once i asked “whats your name” and guess what i got the same reply.
  • In case if your turn comes inspite of solving your problem they will always ask you "is there anything else I can help you with".
  • If you participate in reliance surveys to help them improve their surveys, you have to reply every question twice or thrice or even more and you end up replying everything in negative.
  • Network congestion. you call your girl friend. “hi darling i missed you so much..i just wanna hold you tight”. And the from the other side you hear your dads voice. “who  the hell are you? your parents never taught you any good manners.” you have only one option …beeeeppppppppp….
  • When they charge you something and you ask for the refund…”sir we cant refund you the money, is there anything else i can assist you with.”
Why I hate reliance Data Card?
  • Its speed is such that you will feel like browsing internet using aircel sim.
  • Youtube and other video services buffers so fast that you will feel like watching a 2hr movie while playing a 5 minute clip.
  • Download starts with 20kbps and end in bytes.
  • Upload …..oh just forget it..Once i tried to upload few pictures and i ended with stopping it in the middle..
  • Customer supports are such that you when you ask them “why is it taking long to recharge online from other websites” executive will tell you that “there’s no option to recharge online” even if you have done it several times before.
Why I hate Reliance Big TV?
  • It took them more than 15 days to install.
  • They took more than 2 days to start service after installing antenna and set top box.
  • Adaptor went dead within a week, took one more week to get he new one and what it again burnt…got the new one… again failed..and again and again…adaptor never ended more than 15 days.
  • Even slight rain or wind abrupts the service. It totally stops playing.
If you want to live happy and tension free life don’t rely on reliance. Choose any other service but reliance. Even now I am just dreaming of that hour without any calls or messages from reliance. i have started NDNC so many times yet i am getting their messages and calls and the worst part is that since then they have doubled their effort in harassing me.