So What, if I'm a Girl?

May 6, 2011

So what, if I'm a girl
I'm as much a human
As you are

I'm also a person
Not a cause of war

But they didn't agree
'Cause I'm a girl

They gave me dishes
At the age when boys
Were playing with toys

They didn't share me in riches
But hand-me-down stuff

And if that wasn't enough
Rather than a worthy pat
I was always mocked at

When boys of my age
Will be entering college

They have plans to force me
To get tied in marriage

And the rest of my life
Will be quite obvious
Just be a good wife

Serve well, be dutious
But I ain't taking it anymore

It is time I explore
The world beyond this nest
Call me rebel or a pest

Girls all over the world
Are rising up and fast

No more discrimination
Forget things of the past

Guys. take a step back
Girls are at par with you

So what if I'm a girl?

What you can do I can do too.