Delhi Police files affidavit; Justify Ramdev’s eviction

Jun 17, 2011

The Delhi Police Friday filed its affidavit
before the Supreme Court on charges of
alleged use of force to evict followers of
yoga guru Baba Ramdev from Ramlila
Ground on the night of June 4.
In the affidavit, Delhi Police has denied the
allegations that it used force to disperse off
crowd from the site. The Delhi Police also
justified the eviction action stating that the
number of people that had gathered at the
Ramlila Ground had exceeded more than
three times beyond the permission granted
by the police. It said that permission was
granted for gathering of only 5,000 people
but more than 20,000 people had gathered
on the night of the eviction.
The Delhi Police also alleged that Ramdev’s
followers had resorted to stone pelting and
violence against the police personnel and in
response the police had to use teargas
shells. The Delhi Police has also claimed that
only eight teargas shells were fired and it
maintained maximum restraint.
Earlier the Apex Court had taken suo moto
cognizance of media reports on the
midnight crackdown on yoga guru Baba
Ramdev and his supporters in New Delhi's
Ramlila Ground on early hour of last Sunday,
and issued notices to Union Home Secretary,
Delhi Chief Secretary, and Commissioner of
Baba Ramdev was on a hunger fast at
Delhi’s Ramlila Ground against corruption
along with his followers. Among others
demands, Ramdev’s prime demand was
black money deposited in other countries
abroad, to be declared as National Property.
After being forcibly removed from the site,
Ramdev was then packed off from the