Govt rules out further talks with Baba Ramdev

Jun 11, 2011

The Government has ruled out any mediation or talks with Baba Ramdev after activist Swami Agnivesh approached Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee in this regard on Friday.

Ramdev, who's been on a fast since June 4, was forcibly admitted to the ICU of a local hospital in Dehradoon on Friday after his health started deteriorating and put on drip.

Ramdev was administered glucose but he refused to call off his fast.

"We have had to take this step as Baba's vital parameters were falling. We have given him glucose," said M Meenakshi Sundaram, District Magistrate, Haridwar.

The doctors took him away on a day when the other revered priest Sri Sri Ravishankar himself flew to Haridwar to appeal to Baba Ramdev to end his fast.

Ever since his dramatic attempt to escape from Ram Lila Maida in women's clothes, Baba Ramdev has been spending his mornings and evenings in front of live TV cameras with each medical bulletin, every medical check up getting converted into a TV image.

But perhaps Ramdev had realised that his campaign was now beginning to flounder with questions being raised against the manner in which he had built his business empire worth over Rs 1000 crore.

"Companies had to be floated as there were a lot of things which couldn’t be done by trusts," Ramdev had said on Thursday.

With the civil society group led by Anna Hazare also making it clear that they didn’t agree with Baba Ramdev's policies, his only friends were from the BJP. The party tried to take credit for what it called was terrific management by its own state government in Uttarakhand.

"It’s good that his fast has been broken, I compliment our state government," said BJP spokesperson Ravi Shankar Prasad.

But despite the enforced breaking of the fast, Ramdev will now find it difficult to move beyond the accusations levelled against him by the Congress - that he was not just merely a yoga guru but more of a Sangh parivar front.