Nokia handset's history

Jun 21, 2011

Mobira Senator

The Mobira Senator was released in 1982 and is seen as one of the first true mobile phones. Nokia's telecommunications branch originally existed as a merger between themselves and Salora OY. The two companies released handsets under the name Mobira. It was not until 1989 that Nokia began manufacturing phones under its own name.

Nokia 2110

The Nokia 2110 was the first of the company's mobile phones to carry their signature ringtone, which was later made famous by Dom Joly's Trigger Happy TV antics.

Nokia 8110

The Nokia 8110, one of the original 'slider' phones, was released in 1996 to great acclaim. For the time it provided a powerful and fast mobile phone with innovative design. It also featured in the original Matrix movie.

Nokia 1100

An incredibly simple and easy to produce handset. The Nokia 1100 remains the biggest-selling mobile phone of all time. Aimed at developing countries, it brought mobile communications to many people who originally could not afford it.

Nokia 3310

The 3310 succeeded the incredibly popular 3210 and with it brought improved versions of Nokia's highly addictive mobile phone games. Snake 2, in particular, brought huge popularity to the phone.

Nokia N95

Nokia has produced some fairly impressive smart phones over the years. The N95 in particular was powerful and cutting edge for the time. It provided a good quality camera as well as many of the features we now take for granted in current iOS and Android powered smartphones.

Nokia X6

The X6 became Nokia's flagship music-orientated phone back in 2009. The phone supported social network access and Nokia's Ovi maps. It also came in two different version, one containing an 8GB hard drive and another with a larger 16GB memory.

Nokia N8

This soon released Symbian powered smart phone is what Nokia hopes will catapult their company back into the mobile phone manufacturer leaderboards. It comes crammed with features including a powerful 12 megapixel camera and clever connectivity, including HDMI and Dolby Digital Plus sound