Ramdev declares assets, claims Rs249 crore spent in charity

Jun 9, 2011

After announcing earlier today that he would be making all his assets public, Ramdev addressed the media at his Haridwar ashram today.

The yoga guru said that he would never preach violence and that he was misquoted by the media on his decision to set up a youth army.

His aide Balkrishna said that leading a public life makes it imperative to lead a transparent life.

He further said that a lot of questions were being raised on the spiritual guru's assets.

He confirmed the institution is run according to the norms of the govt and accounts are maintained with precision.

Declaring the yoga guru's assets, he said that the the Patanjali Yogpeeth Trust has spent Rs249 crore in charity and helping people during calamities.

The total capital of different institutions associated with Baba Ramdev is nearly Rs426 crore.

He said that they conducted annual audits and paid income tax.