Ramdev supporters in US condemn police crackdown

Jun 5, 2011

Supporters of Baba Ramdev inthe US today condemned the police crackdown on his fast against corruption in New Delhi, claiming that it was an act of treachery against the yoga guru and his followers.

A large number of Indian Americans, who gathered in more than two dozen cities across the US yesterday to show solidarity with his movement back home, became agitated following the news of the crackdown.

"The Indian diaspora condemns it. We urge everybody to join in the movement to restore democracy and civility in India," said Bhishma Agnihotri, the former Indian Ambassador-at-Large, for NRIs & PIOs, at a meeting in Houston.

Referring to the turn of events at the RamlilaMaidan last night, Agnihotri, president of theof Bharat Swabhiman Overseas, said: "It wasan act of treachery upon Baba Ramdev and his followers, who had come to present their demands against rampant corruption in India."

"We, the people of Indian-origin all over the world are deeply depressed, embarrassed and pained by this vulgar display of naked power. No justification of any kind can condone these vicious actions," Agnihotri said.

"It is outrages that the Congress government is coming down on the peaceful protesters against corruption. This is reminding the 1975 emergency when the civil rights were denied," said Khande Rao Kand, an Indian-American technocrat in the Silicon valley who attended an event in support of the yoga guru at Freemont California.

In nearly two dozen cities across the US, including Chicago, Boston, New York, San Francisco and Washington, the events featured fasting, yoga camp, panel discussion.

At many places, people were glued to the Aastha Channel which was broadcasting Livefrom Delhi and recorded messages of Baba Ramdev.

In Chicago, Gayatri Shakti Peeth held a panel discussion on the Lokpal Bill, how NRIs couldhelp to eradicate corruption and raise the standard of living in India was held.

Americans as well as people from Kenya joined the event in Boston to support Baba Ramdev's fast against corruption.