Tragedy averted after police recover explosive device

Jun 17, 2011

A major tragedy was averted on Friday when 4 kg of explosive and detonators were recovered by police from the Kanchenjunga Express during routine search after its arrival at the railway station here.

Police found the explosive, detonators and a device, which were concealed in an air bag, from seat no. 22 of S5 coach during routine search of the Kolkata-Guwahati express at the Guwahati Railway Station, sources said.

They said after the bomb was found, all 1100 passengers inside the train were deboarded. “The train was checked thoroughly,” the sources said.

Police said they recovered 4 kg explosive, 4 detonators and a time device from the bag at around 5.20 AM after the train arrived.

“The programmable time device was found during routine check by police personnel. Every train which arrives at the Guwahati station is checked,” the sources said.