Cash for votes: Amar Singh likely to be questioned on Friday

Jul 21, 2011

cash for votes Rajya Sabha Grants Permission to Question Amar Singh in the Cash For Votes scandal. The 2008 cash-for-votes scandal caught on camera by CNN-IBN has now saw a second arrest in the form of BJP worker Suhail Hindustani. He was arrested on Wednesday by the Delhi police for allegedly facilitating the cash transactions between Amar singh and BJP MPs. It is reported that the police is now set to question Amar Singh in connection with the case.

"I have nothing to hide, Amar Singh has the main role in this," Suhail Hindustani said on Wednesday.

Hindustani's alleged role in this deal was to assure BJP leader Sudheendra Kulkarni that he could talk to anyone from BJP MPs to top Congress leaders and could help in fixing a deal. He was present at the 'spot' where Amar Singh's close aid and secretary, Sanjeev Saxena, allegedly bought cash to bribe the BJP MPs.

Hindustani also had confessed before the parliamentary enquiry panel that he had worked closely with Kulkarni.

CNN-IBN has learnt that Amar Singh is likely to be questioned by the police on Friday. Sanjeev Saxena had named Singh as the man who paid the bribe which he merely transported to BJP MP Ashok Argal's house.

In the expose by CNN-IBN, Ashok Argal can be seen talking on phone (probably to Amar Singh) confirming that he had received the Rs 1 crore.

The police, however, is looking for more answers from Amar Singh. They want to know if he was the one who paid the entire amount himself or was there another contributor?

The police also want to know if he was in touch with any senior Congress leader?

There are other important questions which need to be answered. Why is the police making enquiries in this case after a gap of 3 years?

Will the investigation now only restrict itself to Amar Singh or will it also focus on the Congress?

Whose government was Amar Singh trying to save?

The answers to all these will be received once the police are done with their questioning in the probe.