DELHI BELLY gets a terrific opening, a huge success

Jul 5, 2011

Aamir Khan Productions and UTV's co
production DELHI BELLY, which released last
Friday, has become a huge success.
The sixth venture of Aamir Khan Productions
is a mass grosser in India. It opened with
7.15 crore on Friday, 1st July. Saturday
collections went up to 8.50 crore and
increased to 10.75 crore on Sunday, giving a
sum total of 26.4 crore business only over
the weekend. With films opening to merely
10% to 40% maximum in the recent past,
this seems like a new wave that has hit the
Indian cinema.
The overall cost of the film is 24 crore which
includes production, print and publicity as
well. So, recovering is already done and the
business in the coming days will also be
something to watch out for given the terrific
start of the film and also the revenue it is
expected to generate from non-theatrical
avenues. It opened across 1200 screens
with major occupancy in multiplexes across
the country.

Delhi Belli is mainly about these days students and their life, enjoyment, girls, internet, sex and all other adult activities. The film is full of abuses and vulgar words. Even Aamir Khan said that this movie is not for young ones. But adults are enjoying it to the most.