Won't die till Jan Lokpal Bill is passed - Anna Hazare

Aug 25, 2011

anna hazare

With his fast entering tenth day today, social activist Anna Hazare said that he would not die till the Jan Lokpal Bill was passed, and all his demands were accepted.
Addressing a gathering at the Ramlila ground here, Hazare said: “I will not die till the government accepts all my demands.”
Hazare earlier urged people to protest peacefully even if he is arrested by the police.
“If they take me away from here, then there should no violence. But along with me, if they arrest the people standing on the second line, then a list should be prepared according to which the arrested people's place should be filled in by another group of people. If they are also arrested then a third line leadership would have to take their place. We will do it step-by-step but in a non-violent way," said Hazare.
Hazare also alleged that the government was acting against the Constitution by trying to strangle a non-violent movement like the one which he is leading.

"The Constitution has given us the right to protest non-violently. The Constitution also states that if such a protest does not do any harm to anybody then the government cannot stop it. We are following the Constitution and these people are trying to strangle it. Even now, I am saying that I have no problem. Let a doctor come, let it be a government doctor, let him check me and tell me if I have any medical problem," added Hazare.
Hazare, 74, has refused to be administered glucose drip. He has been asked to drink a lot of water and told not to strain himself.