Taj Mahal Painting worth Rs 5cr at Trade Fair

Nov 19, 2011

tajmahal painting worth 5cr
A Taj Mahal miniature painting worth rupees 5cr at India International Trade Fair 2011 (IITF 2011) is the major attraction. A london based business man has offered 5cr rupees to buy this painting. Rajasthan govt decided Rs 1 crore as the value of the painting. "The value of the painting may even touch Rs 20 crore in some countries. The painting has also been selected for a national award.

5 crore tajmahal painting
Why so Famous?
The painting is charmed by Taj Mahal's popularity, beauty and the finest art work. This painting of Tajmahal shows everything about it from its foundation to establishment.
  • Size: 20 X 24 inch painting.
  • 4 lakh human figures. (kings, ministers, armies)
  • 2 lakh elephants and riders.
  • 50 thousand miniature Taj Mahals and other monuments.
To have a good view of the painting lense has been provided which gives the clear view of every small details.  This painting tell the story of the construction of the Taj Mahal. It begins with the burial of Mumtaz Mahal and ends with Shah Jahan, imprisoned at the Red Fort (Agra), looking at the Taj Mahal with his daughter Jahanara through the window. The retelling of this part of Mughal history covers the construction of the Taj - the gathering of stone, the increase in taxes to fund construction as well as the rebellion of Shah Jahan's sons. This piece of amazing arts has been created by artist Naveen Sharma of Jaipur.
Artist Navin Sharma, 5cr tajmahal painting
Painter Navin Sharma in the centre
Painter Navin Sharma
Making of the Painting
It took him more than four years to complete this painting. To plan this painting he took one year. Sharma began work on the painting in 2006 and finished in October 2010.
For the painting Sharma has used wasli - handmade paper - and a brush he makes himself. "It's made of wood and squirrel hair," he says. He wets the brush with spit and draws attention to the single strand that is longer than the rest and sticks out. "It's with this one hair that I did most of the painting," he explains.

The most noticeable part was that he has no degree or certificate from any school of art and the irony is that a Jaipur professor is doing doctorate (Phd) in his painting. In coming days this painting will be a subject of learning in school of arts. The artist is on the way to popularize this painting so that one day it can beat the most famous and the priceless painting of Monalisa. Artist is confident that his hard work, dedication and peoples blessing will help him achieve his goal. After a successful run at trade fair the painting will go on display in various art galleries across the country. The next destination will be Mumbai where bollywood biggies are expected to have a look of the painting.

Currently painting is in safe custody and the scanned copy is in display at trade fair. Artist has got various offers including 50000 rupees to sell the replica of original painting. "The painting was completed after consistent hard work and dedication of four years," said Navin Sharma, the painter. "I want to see my painting more beautiful than the famous 'Monalisa'," he said.


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