Apeiron Island Hotel, Dubai: Concept, Design and Facilities

Oct 6, 2012

Apeiron Island Hotel
Apeiron Island Hotel is Dubai’s US $350 million project, it’s the hi-tech and futuristic 7 star Hotel.

The Apeiron Island will be 300m from the coast of Dubai and the top two floors of the hotel will even feature a temperature-controlled butterfly jungle with tropical species – talk about luxury travel.

The project is valued at over 500 million U.S. dollars and has a stretch of over 200,000 square meters on the level. Future hotel will be located on an island and will be the second 7-star hotel after Burj Al Arab. With height of 180 meters above the hotel will be equipped with 350 suites, private beaches, hi-tech equipment, conference rooms, underwater restaurant, shops, cinemas and art galleries.

Architect: Sybarite Architects
Other Names: The Rollmop, The Pringle, and The Funnel

The Apeiron Dubai - Key Facilities:
Apeiron Island Hotel

Crescent Lagoon
An underwater sculpted landscape with colourful corals & sea water plant life cultivated to create a unique & surreal world. Fish and crustaceans will be introduced to complete the array of life and colours. At night, the lagoon will be lit with concealed underwater light sources to create a dramatic & different experience for the diver or snorkeller.

Level 00
Boat jetty in building atrium & access to private beach, gardens, fresh water pools & crescent lagoon. Building atrium is over 50m high.

Level 00 & -01 (under the beach)
A Health Club & Spa containing private saunas, steam rooms, treatment rooms, massage rooms, several fresh water pools at different temperatures located outside as well as inside with different lighting at night. Large windows from Level -01 Spa offer the opportunity to look into the lagoon and see the coral & fish; day and night.
Sculpture & art gallery lit by natural refracted light through pools above.

Level 09 
Helipad located 55m above the Arabian Gulf with bridge access across to the ninth floor of the hotel.

Level 11
Outdoor garden with views down the atrium through the building to the sea below & boat jetty as well as views out to sea. Dramatic surroundings with the remainder of the building lifting from the garden level, full size palm trees & fresh water pools. Pools in turn light the restaurant & art gallery below.

Level 28
Double height rooftop Butterfly Jungle level with a unique backdrop of the Arabian Gulf nearly 200m below. The temperature & humidity would be artificially controlled to make it a very relaxing & unique space. The introduction of colourful butterflies would add to the surreal surroundings.

Apeiron Island Hotel
The hotel will also contain a number of private clubs, private cinemas, luxury boutiques, conference rooms, restaurants with menus from all around the world. Restaurants & bars (alcoholic & non alcoholic) distributed throughout building from Level 28 to the underwater restaurant at Level -01.

The Apeiron Hotel Dubai - Statistics:

Total Floors: 28 above ground
Total Suites: 438
Suite Sizes: 180m² - 750m²
Bbuilding Height: 185m
Gross Floor Area: 300,000m²
Site Footprint Area: 26,500m²
Passenger Lifts: 14
Service Lifts: 8
Distance off shore: 300m (building design as powerful within a landlocked site)
Wind Load Factor: 350km per hour
Construction Cost: $350m US Dollars est.
Structure: Steel, Reinforced Concrete
Hotel Rating: 5 Star Deluxe (7 Star Unofficially)
Apeiron Island Hotel
The Aperion - Floor Description & Breakdown
Level -3 Parking (optional road access via bridge or tunnel)
Level -2 Mechanical & Electrical Plant, Waste, Fire Pumps, Laundry, Parking
Level -1 Spa, Health Club, Sculpture Gallery, Restaurants, Bars, Club
(all double height spaces - views into arrival jetty, lagoon & pools)
Level 0 Ground Floor, Double Height Lobby & Luxury Boutiques
Level 1 Void from double height space below
Level 2 Luxury Boutiques & Bar
Level 3 - 7 16 Suites
Level 8 14 Suites, Double height Cinema & Bar
Level 9 14 Suites, Helipad + Sky Reception
Level 10 Mechanical & Electrical Plant, Restaurants & Art Gallery (under pools)
Level 11 16 Suites, Garden, Swimming Pools & Juice Bar
Level 12 - 19 24 Suites
Level 20 22 Suites
Level 21 20 Suites
Level 22 - 23 18 Suites
Level 24 12 Suites
Level 25 10 Suites
Level 26 8 Suites
Level 27 Restaurant & Bar
Level 28 Butterfly Jungle & Bar


Apeiron Island Hotel

Apeiron Island Hotel

Apeiron Island Hotel

Apeiron Island Hotel

Apeiron Island Hotel


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