Concept Buildings

Jan 11, 2012

Concept Building

The Tornado Design Tower
This high rise building in Taipei, Taiwan will accommodate the activities of theater and observation tower. This building design is an entry for an opera competition in Taiwan which was designed by Visiondivision collaborates with Markus Wagner, a member of Svensk Standard. By raising the building up, it is possible to create a public space around it. The entrance is surrounded by pearls to give the theater experience. Actually the pearls in different sizes around the landscape are non-toxic and non-flamable acrylic balls with a tint of reflection.

Concept Building

Apeiron Hotel Dubai
The hotel is based on the concept of infinity.
Apeiron Island Hotel is a design concept for a new 7 star hotel in Dubai. Developer and construction schedule have not been announced as of October 2007. The Apeiron Hotel would be the second (self-awarded) 7 star hotel to be built in Dubai. The Burj Al Arab hotel was the first 7 star hotel (also a self-awarded rating).
The Apeiron will have 350 luxury apartment suites and be a jungle-themed hotel built on an island about 300-500 m off the coast of Dubai - close enough to swim to but that's not the intended mode of transport to access the island. It will be accessible by boat or helicopter only. The top two floors of the Apeiron will contain a jungle with butterflies and other insects. As yet, it is unknown if insect repellent will be included with your bathroom goodies. Other features will include an art gallery, cinemas, conference facilities, shops, underwater spa & gym, an underwater restaurant, and private lagoons & beaches for the guests.

Concept Building

The Water Building Resort
The water building resort has been conceptually and architecturally designed in the shape of a water drop and intends to be the world’s first building that can convert air into water by using solar energy. The technique is nothing but a combination of technology and nature. A photovoltaic glass made southerly facing facade will harness the required solar energy and let light to pass through. Conversely, the northern fa├žade includes a latticed ventilation design and utilizes Teex Micron equipment to convert humid air into pure drinking water through condensation. Moreover, the bottom floor of this resort complex will have a water treatment zone for purifying rain water and salty sear water and a technological investigation center to control and verify water quality.

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