Good Friday to be celebrated today‎

Apr 22, 2011

jesus christGood Friday commemorates the crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ at Calvary. It is observed by Catholics across the world during the Holy Week-the last week of Lent.

In India, Good Friday is a Central or Federal Government as well as a State Government holiday. The Stock Markets and banks are closed as it is regarded as a Negotiable Instruments Holiday. Some other businesses are also closed in states where Christians are in considerable numbers viz. Assam, Goa, and Kerala. The majority of business establishments remain open all over the country. Generally, all schools and colleges are closed in India on Good Friday.

"Catholics often choose Good Friday-which is a day of fast-to strengthen their faith, to repent for their wrongdoings and to forgive those who have wronged them."

"Good Friday is also a good day, a day of liberation."

Youngsters today are often enslaved by materialistic pursuits, are often victims of all forms of temptations.

"This is a day youngsters can find the liberation they are seeking, by turning inwards, through prayer, and recognizing the temptations of greed, jealousy, lust etc,"

"Watching the re-enactment of Jesus' sacrifice is not just an emotional moment, it makes people appreciate all those who have devoted their entire lives to serving the lonely, the unwanted, the disabled, the hungry, without seeking or receiving human applause."

Goldwin Fonseca from St Inez says that even Mahatma Gandhi spoke about Good Friday.

He quotes from Gandhi's 'Young India', published on August 11, 1927: "God did not bear the cross only 1900 years ago, but he bears it today, and he dies and is resurrected from day to day. It would be poor comfort to the world if it had to depend upon a historical God who died 2000 years ago. Do not then preach the God of history, but show Him as He lives today through you."

The 32-year-old adds, "It's better to allow our lives to speak for us than just our words. And on Good Friday we get to take stock of whether we are achieving this."

Quoting Jesus' last words on the cross-Father forgive them for they know not what they are doing-retired teacher Margaret Lourenco says the words offer her solace when life throws struggles her way.

"The words give all kinds of human pain and suffering new purpose and meaning," says the resident of Margao.

Provincial of the Salesian province of Konkan Fr Ian Figueiredo feels that the amazing centerpiece of Good Friday is that the God who gave us the freedom of choice, took upon himself, on the cross, the consequences of our wrong choices.

"Our choice to tear down rather than to build up, to lust rather than to love, to compromise rather than to uphold the truth-to name a few," he says.

Pointing out that God could have chosen a less painful way of saving his followers if he so deemed, he concludes, "On Good Friday we are taught, by none other than Jesus Christ himself, that where true love exists, and where there is suffering, then love must be prepared to forget itself and to suffer with and for the beloved."

Airport Metro offers discounted fares on Good Friday
Travelling on the Delhi airport metro line would be cheaper for the next three days as the high-speed Airport Express Line is offering 50 percent discount in fares on account of Good Friday and Easter.

"Commuters will have to shell out only 50 percent of the journey fare. The special discount on the fare begins tomorrow on Good Friday and ends Sunday on the Easter (April 22 to April 24)," the Delhi Airport Metro Express Private Limited (DAMEPL) official said Thursday.

The Delhi airport metro line is offering discount on its existing fare to popularise the high-speed metro corridor among the public, he said.

The existing maximum fare is Rs.100, while the minimum is Rs.20. The fifty percent discount will be available at all the four operational stations.

The offer will also facilitate passengers who visit the Sacred Heart Cathedral Church, near Connaught Place, on Good Friday and Easter. The commuters can get down at Shivaji Stadium station located on Baba Kharak Singh Marg and reach the Church or Connaught Place.

"This discounted fare will encourage people to take the Airport Metro Express Line, which is the faster way to reach Connaught Place, New Delhi railway station and Chandni Chowk at a minimised cost."

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