DK Bose is just a name: Aamir Khan

Jun 17, 2011

Since the time Aamir Khan began promoting his upcoming and much talked about adult comedy Delhi Belly, the actor has been repeatedly saying that lot of people would condemn him for switching from family-oriented subjects to this genre.

"Mujhe log joote maarenge," he joked many times in the last few weeks. And then the criticism actually began with Anubhav Sinha accusing him of obscenity few weeks back. Aamir decided to stay mum perhaps because the critic was from his rival's camp, and Anubhav had roped in his hero from RaOne Shah Rukh Khan while attacking Aamir's work.

As per sources in the industry, Aamir understood what his rival was upto - to get some mileage for his film RaOne through him (Aamir) with the war of words between the two stars. Therefore, Aamir kept quiet and it was Delhi Belly composer (singer of D K Bose) Ram Sampat who reacted and did all the talking saying that Anubhav's last film Cash was a flop and full of skin show with skimpily clad women.

Finally, at the completion of 10 years of Lagaan bash few days back, Aamir first laughed off Anubhav's criticism - "Kya react karne ka yaar," he said while stretching back his neck, laughing and looking up into the sky. But later added, "D K Bose is just a name. Why are they objecting to a name in the song? Because they are reading too much into it. The problem is with their mind." Kiran was sharp in her reaction though - "We are not the type who would pull down creative people."