Check Out new Honda CBR250R with Pics

Jul 12, 2011

Honda CBR250R
In India, people have been craving for a fasttttttttt , yet affordable bike!

In early 2000, we only had the Hero Hoda CBZ, whose tagline 'Super Sprint' lived up to its character of being fast (for those times).

Soon came along the Bajaj Pulsar twins and since then, we all know what has happened.

The mantra of speed and value was reinvented with Bajaj coming out with newer variants of the Pulsar -- the 200 and 220 after the 150 and 180. Things went well and Indian's became used to the power the Pulsar 220 had to offer. What was the next option?

The nearest option for an affordable machine was the Kawasaki Ninja 250R, which would cost more than how much 3 Pulsar 220 motorcycles do! There was nothing in between, and enthusiasts were left with no option but to wait.

That wait is finally over. Honda has launched the CBR250R, which costs 40 per cent cheaper than the Ninja 250R. But is it as good as the Kwacker? Let's find out!

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Honda CBR250R
Looks turn heads, and the Ninja surely does turn more than a few. However the CBR250R (after being inspired from Honda's VFR series of motorcycles) does not really turn heads as one would like a 250 to do.
In photos the baby CBR does look the part, but when you view it on the road, you find it tiny and uninspiring. The front looks good but the rear looks just like all Honda bikes sold in India.

The full fairing gels well with the body (unlike the Karizma ZMR) and the silver coloured wheels don't look all that sporty.

Ride & handling
Honda CBR250R
The CBR is more of a tourer but it handles better than one. The steering feels light and the weight distribution is excellent. Stability at high speeds is splendid and there is no signs of vibrations on this Honda.

The light steering is a boon in city driving and is equally well weighed on the highway. Featuring telescopic forks at the front and Pro-Link type mono-shock at the rear, the CBR250R rides very well, eliminating most of the bumps on the road and gives you a comfortable ride.

Damping is very good too with both the rider and pillion well insulated from tyre and road noise.

Honda CBR250R
One of the main reasons for buying a CBR for many is the availability of C-ABS (combined Anti-lock system).

The 296 mm disc at the front and the 220 mm disc at the rear ensures this Honda stops quicker than any other motorcycle in its segment. Stand on the brakes at any speed and the ABS ensures that you still have control of the steering with the bike pointing to the direction where your willing to go.

This is one bike, whose brakes won't lock, nor will the CBR skid under emergency situations.

Honda CBR250R
With great power comes great responsibility. The Honda CBR250R too has huge responsibility on its heads, because its a performance machine, it needs to deliver.

The 249cc single cylinder engine produces all of 25 bhp at 8500 RPM and a good 22.9 Nm of torque at 7000 RPM. What this equates to is a very mid-end thrust from this short stroke engine.

Smack the throttle and the CBR250R responds quickly reaching triple digit speeds with ease. But don't expect it to be anywhere as much fun as the Yamaha R15 near the redline as the engine is configured for touring and not racing.

The liquid cooling prevents heating and the PGM-FI ensures smooth power delivery.

Honda CBR250R
Honda has used a very simple cluster in the CBR250R.

The one pod instrumentation displays the large tachometer, followed by digital everything underneath.

The speedometer, fuel level, trip and odometer resides in the LCD display below the large tachometer.

Even though its just about average in looks, its light years ahead of the Ninja 250R.

Honda CBR250R
The Honda CBR250R is priced at Rs 1.77 lakh for the ABS variant, without taxes and registration in Mumbai.

The bike delivers a fuel efficiency of around 35 kmpl. This makes the CBR tremendous value for money and our choice over the Ninja 250R. The superb brakes, sharp handling, smooth ride and enthusiastic engine ensures that Honda has a winner on its sleeves.

Now only if they sort out the production and deliver these machines quickly, everyone would be happy.
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