Dissertation on Indian Architect: Ar Manit Rastogi

Oct 10, 2013

sirifort stadium
This document is about the Dissertation on Indian Architect Ar. Manit Rastogi founder of Morphogenesis.

He has taught at the Architectural Association, London; School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi and the Hong Kong Polytechnic Institute; and has been a juror on several design & award juries and several academic juries at architectural institutes throughout the country.

He is also a member of the various energy and sustainable associations across the world like Association for Development and Research of Sustainable Habitats (ADaRSH), Green Buildings Rating System India (GRIHA), Architectural Association, London etc.

Manit Rastogi has been invited as a speaker to various national and international events such as, International Conference on Competitive Cities (New Delhi), International Design Conference APSDA, International Green Building Conference IGBC (Singapore), Urban Islands (Australia), Green Building Conference (Hong Kong), and the World Architecture Congress (Dubai and Singapore) etc.

Manit Rastogi follows a simple philosophy of sustainable design that adapts to the environment and is optimized for use by the community.

This Dissertation contains:

  • Introduction of Manit Rastogi
  • His Philosophies
  • Projects 
  • Planning: Plan, Section as well as Construction details
  • An Interview With Manit Rastogi
  • Case Study of Projects
  • Metropolitan Mall, Gurgaon
  • Corporate Office For India Glycols, Noida
  • The British School, New Delhi 
  • His Other Works
  • Conclusion
  • Bibliography
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