Landscape of Humayuns Tomb, Nizamuddin

Oct 17, 2013

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This document is about the Landscape of Humayuns Tomb situated in Nizamuddin in New Delhi.

First garden-tomb in the Indian subcontinent:

 First Charbagh garden in India

 Architect: Mirak Mirza Ghiyas

 Spread over 30 acre(120,000 m2)

 over 2500 trees and plants, including mango, lemon, neem, hibiscus and jasmine are planted in the gardens.

  • Main Tomb is placed in centre of a 30-acre (120,000 m2
  • Persian-style garden with quadrilateral layout and was the first of its kind in the South Asia region in such a scale.
  • The highly geometrical and enclosed Paradise garden is divided into four squares by paved walkways and two bisecting central water channels, reflecting the four rivers that flow in jannat, the Islamic concept of paradise.
  • Each of the four square is further divided into smaller squares with pathways, creating into 36 squares in all.
  • The central water channels appear to be disappearing beneath the tomb structure and reappearing on the other side in a straight line, suggesting the Quranic verse, which talks of rivers flowing beneath the 'Garden of Paradise'.
  • The central walkways, terminate at two gates: a main one in the southern wall, and a smaller one in the western wall.

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