Is there anybody who can help this old man???

Feb 20, 2014

After watching a movie at Centre Stage Mall Sector 18 Noida we decided to go to Nizamuddin as we felt hungry. 

I was with three of my friends travelling in a car on the way to Nizamuddin....We were in our own mood, talking, singing making fun of each other until my friend applied a sudden break....We saw someone lying on the road near the nizamuddin-bhogal bridge. We stepped out and when saw the person it seemed he was dead and presumed that somebody might have struck him and fled. But when we came near and heard him screaming in low voice. He was unable to say anything other than aah uuh. Other vehicles were passing by as we parked the car midway as to prevent another stroke to him. Some even stopped and joined us we didn't know what to do. Some wounds were seen on his head. They were like holes and even the blood had dried or better say the man had no blood in him to shed. We decided to put him on the median (divider) on the road to prevent further chaos. After placing him on the median we requested several autowallas to help us take the man to the hospital but no-one agreed. Everyone tried to get rid of the situation. Even a policeman was there and when we approached him he also tried to flee. But when we shouted on him and asked him to call the police van, he instead asked us to dial 100. Even the policeman was unable to stop any autorickshaw.

After some time a pcr van came and when we asked them to take the old man to the hospital they instead started enquiring. what happened? How did the accident occured? Was it you who struck him? But there were some people who were qithbus from the start and explained them that he was already lying on the road and nobody knows how. And then they said ok we are taking a U turn and then take the man to the hospital and they never did the U turn instead went ahead and stopped there. Another pcr van came. They were from the local police station. They also enquired and noted our vehicle no and went ahead. When we forced him he showed us another pcr van approaching and said ask them they will take him.

We were like what the hell is going on. Even the police is not doing anything then who the hell will do. Will Krrish or Shaktiman will come to protect this man. Finally when that pcr van approached policemen didn't want to take him on their van as it would get bloody or dirty. They removed the floor cover of the vehicle and asked us to carry the old man and keep him on the floor. We carried him to the van and he was still screaming and shivering. After they went we asked other policemen that why did they note our vehicle no they said not to worry. The first policeman who was nearly from the beginning whom we didn't allow to run started saying you don't understand we have our work our duty and all bla bla.

I really don't get this. What has happened to us, our people, our society no one ever cares about others. Even some of them who stops they only enquires and instead advise you do this, do that and all and go off.

I even felt that there are some glitches in law that some people who want to help resist because of police questioning and harassing them.

But nobody thinks that it can be us, our family members, friends, relatives, or our loved ones in place of old man and if this situation goes on nobody will help us too.