What to do and what not to do: Alert as Al-Qaida launches India wing

Sep 4, 2014

Its high time the whole nation is burning from inside specially after so many riots in Uttar Pradesh and the gang rapes all over the country...Before this heat gets spark and burn the country we must come together join hands in hands and make ourself strong and create some understandings between each other...
Al-Qaeda and other terrorist organisation has no religion, no human feelings..they fool people by spreading salt on their wounds given by us...So we should try not to wound anyone...It is we who faces all the atrocities in the hands of terrorists, politicians etc...So we must understand that none of us want to harm anyone and its others, some terrorists or politicians who spread hatred among us...we should open our eyes and ears and spread the truth..not get foofled by them.. 

What to do?
1. keep your eyes, ears open and report any suspicious activities or materials to police or any authority.
2. Co-operate with police or other authority
3. believe in yourself..have self confidence..
4. settle all your disputes and grievances..
5. respect every individual of any cast community or religion
6. help the one in need. 
7. report to police if anyone tries to create conflict and disputes.
8. oppose firmly if someone tries to create conflict or spread hatred and even throw tomato and egg.
9. in case of any dispute report to police, try to pacify them..
10. act before it is too late...
11. always support truth..
12. have the guts to admit your mistakes and take blame on yourself...
What not to do?
1. never spread the message that you are not sure of whether its rigt or wrong
2. never suspect anyone without reason or by his her appearance or cast or religion
3. never ever do anything that can create conflict
4. never give way to communal angle if you are harassed by some one..
5. Never get fooled by someone who create conflicts or spread hatred...
6. never get carried away by the false reports..
7. never applaud when your leader give hate speeches...instead throw tomato, eggs or whatever you can grab..
8. never go mob one can control them..act before some-one gets mobbed down.
9.  never take sides when things go wrong..instead jump in between and try to pacify them and find out what's wrong...
10. never blame anyone...instead blame yourself if you did anything wrong...

at last I would like to say everyone knows what to do and what not..we all can differentiate between the right and wrong...but the reality is that none of us does what we need to do...we simply closes our eyes when we are at fault and attack when they are at fault....

forgive me for any mistakes I did...I never had any wrong feelings..
issued in the interest of mankind